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with the SIMS 2 <3
Legacy | The Oliver Family [Generation 2.0] 
6th-Aug-2007 05:36 pm
eh, this post is somewhat boring (as was the last one). I'm not as funny and witty as I wish I was. Forgive me?

With the money that Marylena brought, I was able to add onto the shack!

Yay, the toilet is no longer in the kitchen :D

So Marylena and Matthieu are layin' on the bed cuddlin' when Mary breaks it to Matt she doesn't want to have sex until she's married.

He loves her, so he's okay with that.

And then it is of course, make-over time!

Aww, aren't they just too cute?!


Matty can't wait any longer, he proposes!

If you can't tell, she said yes :]

We have the ceremony right then, on the front lawn.

They exchange vows and rings...

... and seal the deal with a kiss.

Then its Honeymoon time!

Time to start working on Generation Two!

And what do you know? The very next morning we have this...

Followed by a pop!

The house get yet another lil make-over.

Matty chats it up with his unborn baby.

He's so excited to be a daddy!

It just brings to two of them closer together :]

Later that night when Marylena was sleeping...

she went into labor, oh noez XO

And, uh Matty?

What happened to being a proud father?!

I was going to end the post there but... nah, here's some more.

Why are you so shocked? The knowledge sim just found out where babies came from??

Marylena passes newborn Nathan Oliver over to Matthieu, and suddenly he's a happy daddy again.

Nathan Oliver has:

dark blue eyes (from both his parents)
light skin (from both his parents)
brown hair (from his dad)

Matt puts the baby in his crib and goes to bed. (The baby is in the Master Bedroom for now cuz I never know when he's crying and I can't check his needs)

Well first thing in the morning Nate gives mom a wakeup call, and he needs to be changed.

And then its breakfast time.

(haha, at my breast feeding hack!)

Even though I absolutely hate them, I hired a nanny.

And she was ugly, so she got a makeover.

The salon business was sort of being neglected. I mean, there were quite a few successful make-overs...

...but there were also an equal amount of unsuccessful make-overs :\

So we closed the salon and opened a bakery!

Mmmm, smells good :D

Both Marylena and Matthieu had a day off so they made at least one of every kind of bake good they knew how to make.

After a long day in the kitchen, it was time to relax.

And possibly make more babies, because one isn't enough.

Speaking of which, it was time for Nathan to leave baby-ness and enter toddler-hood.

You'll have to wait until next time to find out what he looks like ;]

*edit: I forgot to give you Marylena's stats. XP

LTW - become a Business Tycoon

sloppy/neat - 6
shy/outgoing - 5
lazy/active - 8
serious/playful - 3
grouchy/nice - 3
7th-Aug-2007 06:21 am (UTC)
This wasn't boring at all :D haha can't believe you gave the nanny a makeover! How'd you do that? they all seem to be ugly...

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