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with the SIMS 2 <3
Legacy | The Roberts Family [Gen 2.1] 
6th-Aug-2007 07:52 pm
[misc] Rainbow Brite
YAY, they're back! :D

First of all, I have new defult skins <3

Plus this is what the twins look like after their makeovers.

And this is the family's new house. Its on a 3x3 lot, and it isn't too slow, or anything. It should *crosses fingers* be around for generations to come.

The family shares their first meal together in the new home.

I did not know I could use this animation! I always thought it came with Uni/Seasons (the one with the bubble bong)

Its Aiden's birthday, and I decide I want him as heir. I just love him so much already.

Ooh, I like :D

So as heir, we need to find somebody to make babies with!


HECK no!

Meh, I don't think so.

We head inside and Aiden gives the maid a very generous tip.

Aiden: This means you'll be my babymama now, right?

Maid: Heck no!

Aiden calls a cab and goes to P.U.R.E. nightclub. Anyone pretty that catches your eye Aiden?

This is Heidi. She's pretty cute.

At first it looks like they get along great.

But then all of a sudden, she wants nothing to do with him. Awwe :\

Then we spot this hottie :D

Aiden: Do you wanna be my babymama?

Way to be so blunt Aiden XD

Catalina: I'd love to be your babymama, but...

Catalina: ...you're too fit and healthy. Eww.

what they heck. I don't care what you say hun, you are gunna be his babymama if I have anything to do with it! *plotting*

Now she doesn't want anything to do with him either. Poor Aiden.

Back at home I decide to hook Nikki up with somebody. The only thing keeping me from making her heir, is she isn't actually related to Kevin or Louise. So I think I'm going to do a joint-heir thing with Nikki, but I doubt I'll keep it going all 10 gen. Maybe just 1 or 2.

Anyway, here's what the matchmaker came up with. His name a Jerome and I really like him.

And hey, they like each other too!

But then he starts talking about his "rocket". Classy.

Nikki is not impressed.

We go inside to play a little poker, because they both wanted too.

Aren't they cute together?

After I realized they couldn't cuddle or anything else in the hot tube, and the date was coming close to the end, I had Nikki drink one of the Love Potions she bought earlier from the matchmaker.

Aww, their fist kiss!

Looks like Nikki's interested in his rocket now!

So anyway, Louise & Kevin adopted another kid. His name is Charlie and everybody really seems to like him.

Louise: Congrats on being adopted, kid!
Charlie: YAY :D

That first day Charlie and Devon become best friends.

And that night before bedtime, Nikki read him a story.

He's a very helpful little kid.

Uh oh... AGAIN?!

Seriously next gen. is going to only have 1 or 2 kids per heir (if I can help it).

Louise: So its a good thing we bought a bigger house...

Louise: ...because I'm pregnant.

Louise: What do you think about that? ...Kevin?
Kevin: .....

Kevin: So, have you read any good books lately?
Louise: .....

Well, I guess I lost track of time and last minute I had to teach the twins to walk, talk, and use the potty. Thank goodness for smart milk! (I can't find the pic of Drew learning to walk, or Alexa learning to talk, but they did)

Its birthday time again!

First Alexa

Then Drew


Aiden: Hey dad, congrats on knocking up mom!
Kevin: Aheh, what can a say *grins*

Next update of the Roberts family will be a bit of a "side story" thing with them all on vacation. Stay tuned :D
7th-Aug-2007 06:26 am (UTC)
Charlie looks so cute!

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